Timeline & Expense

Cinema. Stage. Community.

Timeline & Expense.  .  .

At this time, the Susquehanna Stage Co. is working on funding the majority of the project prior to beginning large development tasks. The hope is that within the next three (3) years to have obtained all necessary funding to make the renovation and remodeling of 130 W Market St a reality. It is estimated that once funding is obtained, it will take two (2) years to complete the project.

Expenses for the project have been estimated between $3MM and $4.3MM based on preliminary studies completed by the Lancaster County Housing & Redevelopment Authorities. The $15,000 Strategic Evaluation and Building Proposal was made possible by a grant by the Eater Family Foundation in Marietta, PA.

Major expenses include the following:

  • Cinema-quality theater projection
  • Cinema-quality audio system
  • Two-story stage area with orchestra pit
  • Mens and Women's restrooms
  • ADA compliant and accessible facility
  • Rear building access door for construction
  • Restoration and renovation of theatre house
  • Second story offices
  • Second story theatre production equipment
  • Landscaping

Income and Community Opportunities:

  • Part-time and full-time staff for theater operations
  • Snack bar available both internally and externally at the facility
  • Rental space for local businesses and community members
  • Revitalizing downtown with visiting patrons
  • and more.