Our Mission

Cinema. Stage. Community.

Susquehanna Stage Co. is working to re-develop and restore the historic Marietta Theatre.  The theatre is located at 130 West Market Street in Marietta, PA.  Originally constructed in 1914, the theatre served as Marietta’s cinema until 1997.  In 2016, Susquehanna Stage Co. purchased the theatre.  

Building plans and programming plans are in the works, and Susquehanna Stage Co. is taking the next steps to re-develop the historic Marietta Theatre for the betterment of the town of Marietta and for Lancaster & York Counties.  The following plans are preliminary.


Cinema.  Stage.  Community.

We are committed to bring a number of purposes to the building, which are all centered on Community.

The building will serve as a movie theater that will offer an elevated moviegoer experience.  With the addition of an artisan food-truck inspired Snack Bar in the main lobby, guests will be able to select from a small seasonal menu of unique snacks as well as locally made baked goods, candy, and more.  In addition, beer and wine will be available for purchase.  Guests will also be presented with information regarding the upcoming live theatre performances and how they can become involved at the theatre.  Knowledgeable ushers will offer insight into the movie and into the theatre organization.  On themed movie weekends, upon arriving, guests are greeted by in costume-characters from the movie they are about to see.  They will have the opportunity to take photos and interact with the characters live at both the beginning and end of the movie.  These movies will offer family oriented evening entertainment in downtown Marietta.


The building will also serve as a live performance venue for various artistic functions.  Theatrical musicals and plays will be performed and presented by Susquehanna Stage Co.  Use of this new space with allow for further expansion of the current productions staged in Marietta and a proper facility will attract more theatregoers and allow for more opportunity for community involvement in many added capacities.  Weekday/matinee performances will be easier to host with proper restroom facilities and proper entrances required for schools and senior living communities.  Production sets will be hidden behind a grand drape and cinema screen to allow frequent use of the space for both productions and cinema.  In addition to theatrical productions, special performances including concerts and events will be booked in the space that allow touring and local artists to perform in downtown Marietta.  Furthermore, the space will be offered for use by local community organizations such as dance studios, churches, and schools.  Added stage facilities and a possible small studio will allow for larger and more frequent educational opportunities.

The goal of this space is to encourage more community involvement and to reach out to other local communities while presenting art through cinema, special events, and theatre.

We are excited to have you partner with us and help build community around Marietta!